Can I get a full time job getting paid to sit naked in my chair and play video games all day, would people pay for this? Also I would take pizza as payments.

Wait Skyrim is so fun. Wtf.

I bought my apt a really cute mid century leather chair, some new pretty skirts and wool socks, a couple v potent edibles and a used x box 360. I am so lucky/broke but this is my kinda self lurv


Convincing yourself not to slip back into old habits and mentalities is so fucking hard

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Babes In Toyland – Swamp Pussy (567 plays)

So my thirteen year old sister texted me today telling me to download an app called ‘Vine’, I am v behind the times w/ phone shit, so I do. AND OH MY GOD THIS IS THE SCARIEST MOST AWFUL THING IN THE WORLD. I watched all the videos on ‘the popular page’ and it’s just racial stereotypes and people making the same jokes in different scenarios and disrespecting women and teenage boys being spoon fed mass amounts of attention for having clean hair. I did enjoy the animal page tho. Duh.

If you wanna know why things are so shitty it’s cause the government puts drugs in our soap

Sex and the City (1999)

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My apartment

Is officially negative vibe free
No more fighting or bad energy
So ready to start fresh